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By the interval of a London show I am generally starving. It’s my own fault. Instead of leaving enough time to get to the theatre and find a nearby restaurant that I like the look of, I’ve only got the time to grab a quick bevvie before dashing in to find my seat where I devour a packet of Malteesers much to the disgust of my immediate neighbours!

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Organise a pre-theatre meal deal at the same time as you book your theatre tickets and you can not only save time and hassle, you can save money too!

With our London Shows booking system, you can select your preferred show or event and then add your choice of pre-theatre dinner from the list of our range of nearby restaurants.

Great for Londoners AND folks on London Breaks, but what do you get?

Generally a theatre ticket with a pre-booked table reservation at a nearby London restaurant for a pre-theatre dinner. During the week there are some great deals – sometimes cheaper than the ticket would be on its own! Only at the weekend do you tend to have to pay for the full value of ticket and meal put together: but I don’t have an issue paying for value!

So what shows are included? The full list of theatre/dinner deals to book is here. And there are some more offers, other shows, cheaper tickets, but where possible I have included what I think are the best deals.

The restaurants are of a good standard and their staff are well versed at getting people out of the door in an unhurried manner in order to take their seats before the curtain rises!

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