London Plays and Comedies

The Mousetrap Theatre Breaks

London Plays

Often it is the musicals in London’s Theatreland that steal the limelight, but at any time of year an impressive list of “serious” productions fill many of the theatres of the West End. London plays often feature some very big star names.

Stars in London Plays

It is not uncommon for Holywood actors to come across the pond to appear in one of our world famous London plays! In our recent theatre survey, a star name appearing in a show was found to be a major factor when we decide to see a show.  Great examples of this came last year with Nicole Kidman in Photograph 51, Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man and our own Benedict Bumberbatch in Hamlet!

London Plays with a Laugh!

Are you looking for a light-hearted highlight to your London Theatre Break this year? Well why not book one of these great West End comedies. Generally cheaper than a musical but just as much fun and with some great comic actors to give your short break a lift. Perfect for a celebration or a family outing.

A-Z of London Plays and Comedies

So for those of you who don’t like an orchestra between you and the stage here is a list of what is currently showing… but be quick: unless it is a long runner, like The Mousetrap, plays often have a short run. [wpv-view name=”Comedies”]

London Plays and Comedies – ticket/dinner deals

The above shows are all available with a wide range of central London hotels, but if you just want tickets and a meal, we have some great deals on tickets with pre-theatre dinner too – even if you want to go last minute – click here