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So you start with google, and you search for Theatre Breaks or maybe London Theatre Breaks or maybe Theatre Breaks by rail in London to see Billy Elliot in 2012 What do you find?

A whole list of different theatre breaks suppliers all selling the same theatre breaks to the same shows.  So that wasn’t a lot of help! You’ll probably see a lot of “theatre break” targeted sites and you’ll probably see Simon Harding’s photo!

Simon Harding is one theatre breaks gurus. Starting the original theatre breaks company way back when. He works on AND and the Theatre Breaks booking engine for those two sites can also be found at superbreak, visitlondon and thomascook amongst others… so if you have checked there you’ve checked many of the others.

In fact there is a link on the site for and this booking engine is behind many of the other theatre breaks sites.

So although google will tell you there are over 3 million results for Theatre Breaks actually there is only a handful.

There are some others but between and you have probably covered 60% of all options – now that’s saved a bit of time!

Remember the shows are the same and many of the special offers are also the same, and all sites offer rail travel and insurance and add-ons – well the good ones do – so it is just the hotels that differ and offers flights as an option to get to London which can be useful

The oly other difference is that on there are links to theatre meal deals and theatre only bookings which is useful if you decide not to stay the night.

So next time Google offers you 3,000,000 choices just remember you probably only have two!


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Simon Harding has grown up in and around London's Theatreland and has been working here ever since he left school: promoting its shows to anyone who will listen!

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