03/08 Proposal Ideas, Hen Night Ideas, Honeymoon Ideas

Yesterday I was asked to write a piece for a Wedding website.

They said you can choose what you write about, but it has to be wedding orientated… so I started at the proposal. I was cheating really because I had already written pieces about proposing in London and we have a partner who organises the most amazing scenarios for wedding proposals in Paris (check it out if you are in the mood for lurv!!) but they weren’t to know that.

After the proposal I moved on to the hen night and well yes, once again I was cheating really because I have often spoken about how a theatre break is a great event for a hen night. Not one of those where the bride ends up astride a stripper whilst the bridesmaids demurely vomit into their handbags but one with class – a pre-theatre dinner, a show and then maybe a few drinks at a West End club whilst the older members of the party head back to the hotel for a nightcap and a cup of earl grey before retiring.  I was told this is the perfect hen night for second weddings and I have no reason to disagree!

Once I got the hen night out of the way well I was on to the honeymoon and I was really flying! For a short honeymoon London is an excellent destination. Full of once-in-a-lifetime treats, romantic destinations and unforgettable events.  It is also a great thing to do if you have to have a stop-over before a flight to somewhere more exotic.

So eitherway the groom is going to be booking a romantic theatre break!

And then we come to the anniversaries… I think you know where I am going with this one! A theatre break is a lovely special occassion, but it is something you can do again and again – seeing quite different shows, staying at different hotels (maybe to suit what is affordable that year) and doing a whole raft of different things!

So If you are getting married, make sure that you fit a theatre break somewhere into your plans – even if it is for your 25th wedding anniversary!

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