Love Never Dies Theatre Breaks in London

For all lovers of the original Phantom of the Opera, there was a chance to see what happened next. But Love Never Dies has closed and I guess your next chance to see it will be when the rights are released to the amatuer world and your local OpSoc will have a go, as I have not heard of a Love Never Dies UK tour and not many of us will make it down to Melbourne

Still – this is what you missed.

From the Gothic surrounds of the Paris Opera House to the dazzling heights of New York’s Coney Island – the Phantom returns. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spectacular new musical reunites the masked Phantom with his only true love and musical protégée, the stunning beauty Christine Daaé. Love Never Dies is a roller coaster ride of intrigue, obsession and romance – where little is as it first appears.

With Madame Giry’s help the Phantom escaped the Paris mobs to build a glittering new empire in the new world. For ten long years the Phantom has hidden himself amongst the freaks and sideshows nursing his broken heart and yearning for his true love to return. And now&ldots;

Blinded by money and the bright lights of Coney – Christine, with Raoul and their son Gustave, is lured to America to perform one final time. But Christine soon discovers the true identity of the mysterious impresario who has tempted her across the Atlantic. As old wounds are reopened and forgotten memories unlocked – The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, Love Never Dies.

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Title: Love Never Dies
Genre: Musical
Theatre: Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London
Opened: 20/02/2010
Performance Times:
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden / Charing Cross

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 by SB

I went thinking that I'd be leaving at the interval and was not really in the right frame of mind for the sequel that wasn't a sequel!

The only plus side for me was that I was going to be seeing Ramin Karimloo reprise his role as the Phantom as I had seen him last year at Her Majesty's.

Well, knock me down with a feather... I was absolutely blown away by the special effects, the moving story and of course the outstanding performances from Karimloo & Bogges.

Wow! Ramin Karimloo can sing - what a voice!

I was certainly not going anywhere but back to my seat after the interval.

Highlight of the night apart from everything that was happening on stage was seeing Lord Lloyd Webber coming into the stalls at the end of the show to gage the reaction of the audience - who for the most part were up on their feet giving a standing ovation. I wanted to applaud him too!

A fab night for all of us who went with Theatrebreaks and if I have to give one little critic it would be... the slight vaudeville feel with the "company" songs. Wish it could have been set in Europe where our music is more sophisticated. I loved the operatic style and felt these numbers sometimes detracted from the main story.

Also, I think it would have benefitted from incidental touches from original Phantom just to remind us all why we're here.

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5 Comments on “Love Never Dies Theatre Breaks in London”

    1. That’s the story – end of August apparantly – so tell your friend to book quick if she wants to see it again. There is liable to be a rush though as, although the critics gave mixed reactions, it has built up a strong following – especially since they made some changes at the end of last year – so there will be a lot of interest in the remaining performances.

  1. We say: This is yet another Andrew Lloyd Webber hit show even tho it only has three more weeks to run. It has got all of the classic feeling of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music – it even steals some riffs from earlier shows, so officianados will love it. The audience is sufficiently taken through the back story allowing people who haven’t seen Phantom of the Opera to catch up… but it is done simply enough so as not to get in the way of the show you have actually paid to see!

    As with all ALW shows, the money has been spent so, visually it is stunning too. Our seats are usually front stalls which means that the big stagey stuff looks really impressive but you don’t miss it when the actors are actually acting!

    I am tempted to suggest seeing both shows in the same weekend to make a real ALW extravaganza of your London theatre break, but maybe that is a little bit too much… I’ll leave it up to you – but call the office if you want to arrange that because we can’t do it on line.

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