Free Theatre Tickets

Free Theatre Tickets for Theatre Breaks Theatre Writers

Do you write your own travel or theatre website or blog?  Are you always looking for subjects to write about? Ever thought about writing about London Theatre?

Here at Theatre Breaks we  are always interested in what our visitors think about London shows. Yes we have our own opnions, but it is always interesting to hear another’s point of view.

But we also have a small group of people to whom we are able to offer tickets in return for the help and support they give the us. Some are people who have booked tickets and breaks or written reviews before, others are more experienced writers but all of them love the theatre…

… And all of them like a free show!

Theatre Breaks’ Theatre Breaks

We can’t get you on stage but if your idea of a theatrical break is getting a free ticket to a show then hopefully Theatre Breaks can help!

To enable us to form a good opnion of new shows coming into London, producers give Theatre Breaks free tickets for staff, partners and customers so that we can know what we are selling and spread the word accordingly.

Our partners include writers, group organisers, travel companies and staff organisations: people central to promoting Theatre Breaks and the shows that we offer.

We are looking for new partners to extend our family of theatre enthusiasts.

So what is the catch? Yes there is always a catch. Once you have seen a show, all we ask of you is to write a brief review for our site and the producers of the show. Sometimes tickets will be for previews and as such we will ask for your thoughts but not in the form of a critical review: these are not done until after the press night (which comes at the end of the preview period). If your thoughts are on a production still in its preview period it will still get passed onto the producers but will not appear on our site.

In addition, after your first theatre trip with us, we will also ask you to write and host an article about going to the theatre in London with a link to our site. Links to our site ( or a relevent internal page) can include the anchor text: London Theatre Breaks or or relevant keyword terms for the internal page.

I am sure you will be able to come up with great ideas for what you might like to write about for subsequent performances.

What Do I Do Next?

So if you would like to be considered for any tickets that we receive in the future, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

Acceptance onto the list does not guarantee a ticket as they are strictly limited, but when we are able to offer tickets for a particular performance we will do our best to get them to as many of you as possible – this may mean that we can only offer one ticket per person but where we can we will offer a pair – we know that going to the theatre is a social oocassion and whilst we will be there we realise you may be in trouble if you don’t at least try to get an invite for your nearest and dearest!

Please note that we are not able to provide tickets on a request basis. We do not control what tickets we get offered and when.

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