5/7/12 Jubilant Jersey Boys

Hi theatre-goers

Still on a bit of a high from last night after seeing Jersey Boys again – this time with ex-S Club 7 member Jon Lee in leading role of Frankie Valli and this morning learned that the actual Mr Valli himself was sitting in the audience watching. How cool is that?

How good a singer do you have to be to do that role 4 or 5 times a week? No wonder the actors need to have rests which is why they have 2 able to take on the role. I’ve seen Ryan Malloy and now Jon Lee – they are both brilliant. Their voices are amazing.

Even though I’ve seen it before, I was still surprised at how many hits The Four Seasons had. The songwriter – Bob Gaudio – is a genius! 

Can’t recommend this show highly enough to you – probably not for younger kids as the language is some times a little on the adult side, but for 11 yrs + there are no words used that they haven’t heard in the playground already!

Book your Jersey Boys Theatre Break now – you will not regret it!


PS : Show finishes at respectable 10pm, but unfortunately trains were delayed and didn’t get back til 11.30pm, then of course HAD to watch Andy Murray match on V+, so feeling v. tired today!

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