Hi theatre-goers

It’s hot down south today isn’t it? Commiserations if you have rain where you are. I’m sure we’ll get our share later on in the day.

Yesterday, whilst I was sitting in the Gielgud theatre watching Chariots of Fire – it was a humid summer evening in London and it actually felt a bit of a waste going to sit in a dark hot cinema. Not that the performance I saw was a waste of time – don’t get me wrong. It was an excellent production with strong acting & set design plus the beautiful music of Vangelis brought a tear to my eye.

However, I can understand how many of you may not see visiting the theatre as number one priority when the weather is so good outside. So, why not get out and about in the UK and enjoy visits to theme parks with the family, visiting historic Windsor or a weekend break on Blackpool’s Golden Mile?

With the approach of the London Olympics the capital is going to be jam packed with visitors and whilst many of you like the hustle & bustle of the city, so this coulod be the excuse you’ve always wanted to get out of the big smoke and visit some of the other wonderful city destinations we can offer.

Enjoy today everyone


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