19/10/2012 Welcome to Loserville

Hi Theatre-goers

Not content with spoiling my kids with countless trips to the theatre this year already (I love it, they love it, so we’re all happy), I am seriously considering another trip – this time to the Garrick theatre to see new “Glee-pop-rock” musical Loserville which opened officially this Wednesday.

I’m reading some great reviews (actually not read a bad one so far) and I’m very intrigues by it all (plus I’m a bit of a “Gleek” myself). It’s all about a geeky boy, a beautiful girl and the invention of email… Make of that what you will!

My oldest son’s first musical “crush” (in a manly 5 year old way) back in the day was Busted. So the fact that it’s co-written by ex-Busted and Son of Dork member, James Bourne, will give it added credibility to my now gangley British Grime loving 13 year old.

Have any of you seen it in preview? Tell me what you think.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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