07/01/2013 A Valentine’s Wish-List

Hi Theatre-goers

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is less than 6 weeks away? And the powers that be in top-flight football have deemed that Thursday 14th February will be the date of the 1st leg of the Europa League matches. With 4 English football teams competing, the romantics amongst us will certainly need all our powers of persuasion to entice our footie-loving other halves away from the tv that night.

However, compromises can be made which leaves happy faces all around. Why not let the football take precedent on 14th February, but with a promise of a wonderfully romantic theatre break for the weekend that follows.  

So with that all settled – what show do you choose to see? I’ve put together a little “romantic ratings” systems for 5 of the West End’s best shows where a red rose with the programme is an obligatory purchase…

Romantic plot-line : Grumpy, uncouth ogre falls in love with a beautiful princess
Go – if you believe in fairy-tale endings
Don’t go  –  if you your partner is touchy about their green complexion and sticky out ears
Romance Rating 4/5

Mamma Mia!
Romantic plot-line : All about weddings – one successful, one cancelled. However the sun always shines on this Abba-tastic musical.
Go – if you need an injection of Vitamin D during the winter months
Don’t go  –  if you are having wedding jitters
Romance Rating 5/5

The Phantom of the Opera
Romantic plot-line Girl must choose between young rich Viscount and mask-wearing, dungeon-dwelling obsessive
Go – if you believe that love never dies
Don’t go  –  if  “creepy guy stalks operatic singer” will give you nightmares
Romance Rating 3/5

Rock of Ages
Romantic plot-line Small town boy meets small town girl on LA’s notorious Sunset strip
Go – if you found true love during the guitar solo of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”
Don’t go  –  if you were born after 1990
Romance Rating 4/5

The Bodyguard
Romantic plot-line Music diva, who always gets what she wants, falls for her personal bodyguard
Go – if you have “I Will Always Love You” on constant repeat on your ipod
Don’t go  –  if you’ve never heard of Whitney Houston
Romance Rating 5/5

 How easy have I just made your life?

Have a great Monday!


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