Monday 18th June 2012

Hi Theatre-goers

Hope you all had a good weekend – especially those of you who went on a Theatre Break to London to see Mamma MiaChicago and Matilda – you know who you are! I am certain that you all enjoyed your theatre experiences and the wonders that London has to offer. Plus, you didn’t get rained on – hurrah!

I saw the new Rock of Ages film at the weekend and to be honest was NOT blown away by it. I’m a mad fan of Tom Cruise and of course he was superb! But the film as a whole didn’t really have the atmosphere that the Rock of Ages stage production gives you. I found myself laughing a lot more in the theatre. Plus, I’m a great fan of British rock group Def Lepard and there is a joke in the stage show that they wouldn’t let their music be used for the production (boo!). However, they were obvioulsy won over to allow “Pour Some Sugar on Me” to be featured in the film, sadly at the expense of Europe’s “Final Countdown” which is another song I love to bits. I would definitely recommend going to the Shaftesbury theatre to see this show rather than the cinema.

On the same subject, did you know that there are rumours of a film adaptation of the Jersey Boys musical and the brilliant  Jon Favreau is front-runner to direct? Will let you know more as and when we do.

What stage shows do you think would make good film adaptations? I would love to see “Miss Saigon” made into a film. I listen to the soundtrack at least once a week – it is SO moving. Also, “Notre Damme” and “Martin Guerre” would be on my list, too. What would be on yours?

So onwards with Monday…

Have a good one


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