London attractions in 2013

Things to do in London in 2013

OK so you thought last year in London was good! Get a Load of THIS! This is the first of four posts – London Attractions – the next two will be London Sporting Events and London Cultural Events. I hope they will be of use.

London Attractions

The Great Map – new permanent installation at the National Maritime Museum

The Great Map brings the museum’s largest open space to life with a huge interactive world map that visitors can use to discover more about some of the most famous, infamous and exciting events in British maritime history. Walk across the map’s surface, use a touch-screen tablet to find out more about seafaring stories and understand the currents and winds that drive vessels and people across the world’s oceans and seas.

The View from the Shard

The Shard, London Bridge, 1 February 2013
The View from the Shard is the highest viewing point in Western Europe and nearly twice as high as any other view in London, providing visitors with a multi-sensory experience and exhilarating views for 40 miles across London. The new viewing position is at the top of The Shard, an iconic, landmark building designed by Renzo Piano.

Tiger Territory

ZSL London Zoo, opening April 2013 – Tiger Territory is the new flagship exhibit at ZSL London Zoo. Tiger Territory will inform and inspire a generation of people to treasure the tiger and understand their role in its survival. It will also help fund ZSL’s tiger conservation work in the field, providing a lifeline for years to come.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition

Royal Observatory Greenwich, September 2013 – February 2014
The Royal Observatory’s hugely popular Astronomy Photographer of the Year returns in 2013 to celebrate the very best in astrophotography from around the world. After the awards are announced in September 2013 the winning photographs will be displayed in a special exhibition at the Royal Observatory.

Nelson, Navy, Nation

National Maritime Museum, opens October 2013
Nelson, Navy, Nation looks at how the Royal Navy shaped individual lives and the course of British history over the eighteenth century – a period when the Navy became a greater focus of public life and seafaring heroes were national celebrities. This new gallery houses unrivalled collections relating to Admiral Lord Nelson and places this legendary figure within a broader historical context.

Olympic Park to reopen in 2013 as Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Opens 27 July 2012 (anniversary of Opening Ceremony 2012)
The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park site in Stratford, east London which will begin to open its gates from July 2013 and will bring together the best of London in one place; combining, lush parklands and waterways, new neighbourhoods and world class sports and entertainment venues. The Park will be defined by two distinct areas: the river valley in the north, and a 50 acre urban landscape in the south. The North Park will include a nature-themed community hub and playground, and the South Plaza will be perfect for events and attractions.


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