Last Day of July: Poems

In between dealing with the more technical aspects of theatre breaks some weeks ago were giving our artistic side the excersice it needed by writing some theatre break poems.

If you are wondering why we have so much time on our hands well firstly can I assure you that there was method in our madness!

Kingsley had been asking if we should have more of a house style for our writings and I, rather light-heartedly, suggested that we should make our posts rhyme! So many companies out there write about London shows but none, I suggested would have the skill to do so in verse:

Let’s see them on their ryhme quest
Find one for Webber’s Phantom
That fruitless search for neatness
Would, surely, quickly stop’em

So the idea was born!

Whatever it is for Kingsley and I do hope that you read our oferings and have a go yourself… it’s just for a bit of fun!

By the way, if you have children, or if you are wanting to go away in the school hols we would recommend you start thinking about it now… come the beginning of term availability will start to get worse -especially if you need a rooom for two adults and two children!  Get some ideas for Half Term Breaks

All the best


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