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4/3/13 London Theatre Breaks
Helen Mirren & John Ritter star in The Audience at the Gielgud theatre until 15th June 2013

I’ve been reading with interest all the good things being said about The Audience starring Dame Helen Mirren as The Queen with a star-studded support cast as her various Prime Ministers including James Fox (who has replaced an injured Robert Hardy) as Winston Churchill, Haydn Gwynne as Margaret Thatcher, Paul Ritter as John Major and Nathaniel Parker as Gordon Brown.

During the previews, audiences have given The Audience a BIG thumbs up, so I’m definitely going to see it.

It is a new play written by British playwright Peter Morgan, whose previous form includes The Deal, The Queen and Frost/Nixon (so he definitely knows his stuff!) and it takes a sneaky peak at what is said behind royal closed doors at the weekly meetings between Queen Elizabeth II and the PM – of which there have been many through-out her 60 year reign. As the audience you are privy to Her Majesty’s conversations with Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Margaret Thatcher John Major, Gordon Brown and David Cameron to name but a few.

You must admit that sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I’m off to book my tickets, how about you?

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