26/6/12 Viva Forever Launch

Hi Theatre-goers

I’ve got my glad-rags on for Viva Forever lauch today in London. It’s reported that all 5 Spicies will be there – wonder if Becks will accompany his wife (I can but hope).

Lots of you liked my tweets and facebook messages about Danielle Hope currently appearing as Eponine in Les Miserables. You have reported that she is excellent in this role – in fact, you went so far as to say that the whole cast is amazing. It’s a great show, so don’t miss out!

Tomorrow I’m going to a preview of Chariots of Fire with our competition winner. Yes, you really do win the tickets we say you will! We’ve had many happy followers & bloggers that have had the opportunity to go to watch top West End productions – for free!

Wishing you all a Zigga-Zig-ahh this Tuesday



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