23/11/2012 The Bodyguard in London

Hi Theatre-goers

I hope that not too many of you are caught up in the terrible weather conditions in the UK this week. In the South East we’ve escaped so far!

If you have booked or thinking of booking a weekend away it is always best to be covered by travel insurance – especially as there have been some train services being suspended because of flooding & gale force winds. Your travel insurance may be in the form of using your credit card to book, already having yearly insurance in place or buying one-off insurance when you make the booking. Whatever you chose, it is always money worth spending – although obviously check all the small print to make sure you’re covered in every eventuality.

Anyhoo, that’s the serious talk over with… I’m not seeing any shows this weekend – what???? No, but I am cramming in two next weekend and another two the week after that!

23/11/2012 The Bodyguard in London London Theatre Breaks

 Next Saturday I’m taking the boys to see Loserville at the Garrick theatre – getting in there before it closes on 5th January 2013. My eldest loved Busted & Son of Dork, so is very impressed that ex-band member James Bourne has co-written the musical. My youngest has got both Lil’ Chris’ (who is cast in the cost) albums, so he’s just as excited.Have a great weekend everyone




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