22/10/2012 Cheer on Our Boys at the Duchess

Hi Theatre-goers

Hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve got a bit of a  lull in my theatre/event-going before taking the kids to the ATP World Tour Tennis Finals at the O2 Arena in early November. Then there’s The Lion King, The Bodyguard and A Chorus of Disapproval to to cram into the next 4 weeks!

Anyhoo, I digress, what I really wanted to bring your attention to is the play Our Boys showing at the Duchess theatre, London until 15th December. It stars some of the UK’s brightest young acting talent including Arthur Darvill (Dr. Who), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter) and Lawrence Fox (Lewis) as recovering servicemen in a military hospital.

Written in 1993 but set in 1984, Jonathan Lewis’s entertaining and compassionate play is based on his own experiences when he spent time himself in a military hospital sharing a bay with a handful of squaddies and, as a Potential Officer, he was very much the outsider.

In Our Boys, Lewis captures the camaraderie, the banter, the bravado and the vulnerability – as well as the intermittent rage- of these young men who having served their country now feel abandoned and useless. It’s not all doom & gloom though with moments of fun for the five injured squaddies including an illicit game of Russian Roulette played with shaken up cans of beer!

Definitely well worth catching this Autumn…

Have a great Monday


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