20/7/12 Jesus Christ Superstar

Hi Theatre-goers

Have you been watching the ITV talent show Superstar where judges Mel C, Jason Donovan, Dawn French & Andrew Lloyd Webber are trying to find Jesus?

I have a bit of a vetted interest in this because I’ve already booked my tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the O2 Arena and so I know what kind of Jesus I want to see. A couple of the blokes tick all the right boxes looks-wise, but then there are some with such beautiful voices that may be don’t fit in to the conventional image of Jesus.  In fact, we don’t know exactly what Jesus looked like, so really anyone of those talented singers could be the next Superstar.

One of my old students Ben Forster is a front runner I’m glad to say and he’s doing really, really well in both the voting & comments from judges. So all the very best to him this weekend.

And for the rest of you – enjoy what the forecasters have named “sunshine” . I hope that where ever you are in the world reading this that you get some of the the big bright yellow stuff.


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