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Sudoku online games

Online Sudoku – with a twist

With a little more time on our hands than is healthy last year, we spent some time developing an online game (or is it puzzle?) of online sudoku.

Not just with boring old numbers but with pictures. “Is that possible?” I hear you ask “How does that work?” well why don’t you give it a go!

Online Sudoku with London Theatre

It features images from 8 well known London shows including Billy Elliot, Wicked, Legally Blonde, Blood Brothers, Lion King, We Will Rock You and Chicago and, without throwing down the gauntlet too much, we think that our Sudoku it is harder than the number version of sudoku – but you should still be able to get back to your work before lunch is over.

Visit and have a go – maybe challenge your friends – or drop me a line and I will set up an online Sudoku with your favourite images – West End Stars online Sudoku?

Tell us what you think of our Online Sudoku

And do come back and tell us what you thought: whether you woud like us to make our online Sudoku harder or feature different shows or just whether you enjoyed it or not! We would love to know.

Have fun!

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