Theatre Breaks Guests Get Poetic

It was National Poetry Day yesterday and we had great fun writing our own theatrical poetry… yes Hail Poetry!

We’ve already published a few stanzas – and we think William Shakespeare himself would have been proud of us – if not for the skill, at least for the enthusiasm!

So here are some more verses… why don’t you have a go – it’s like painting – when you get to adulthood we just don’t seem to have the time to do the simple things we loved as achild – so why not write a poem. No-one is judging you: it’s just great fun! Details are at the bottom.

Annette Brampton gave us “The Thrill”

I love going to the theatre
It such a thrill
When your favourite actor
Comes onto the stage
It is really Brill

Very apt as we have been discussing seeing stars in shows in this year’s Survey

“Theatre!” is by Caroline McCabe

Going to the theatre is a treat, it’s really quite neat.
Plays and musicals, pantos and all,
So much choice – it says it all.
For young and old, may I be so bold,
Theatre is a joy to behold!

Nikki Hayes’s “Theatre Day” says it all for me

I love going to a show
To see which way its going to go
Singing, dancing or a play
I do so love a theatre day

But my favourite at the moment is Linda Coomber’s simple

Roses are red, Violets are blue
I’d be so happy to watch a play with you.

If you want to write your own theatre-inspired poem, just do it! On your lap top, on a piece of paper or just in your head.

If you want to see it published send it in. More poems and a way to upload your poem is elsewhere on this blog.


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