RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Ticket and Hotel Packages for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show London Theatre BreaksEver since 1913 the Royal Horticultural Society have brought the very finest in garden design and general horticulture, presenting new and established plants and planting methods on a backdrop of exciting and ever-changing design. Our Chelsea Flower Show packages are a more recent innovation!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show London Theatre BreaksVisitors can pick up a wide range of gardening accessories, and many new gardening products make their debut at the show. Those wishing to learn and discover some of the latest scientific developments in horticulture must see the Lifelong Learning exhibits within the Great Pavilion. The latest trends in floral art and floristry can also be seen at the show.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Ticket and hotel Packages

Although it is not the biggest show in London (Hampton Court holds that record) Chelsea Flower Show Packages are arguably the most famous and hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through its gates every year.

Chelsea Flower Show Survival Guide

A few years back the Evening Standard ran a short survival guide for the would-be Chelsea Flower Show visitor. Here are what we think are the most important tips, representing some excellent advice on how to make sure the show doesn’t take it’s toll too much!

  • Footwear: There is, quite simply, nothing more important than wearing the right shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and hard wearing, basically leave the stilettoesat home – you might find yourself stuck in the mud during one of Chelsea’s infamous downpours and Diarmuid Gavin is not going come and pull you out: believe me!
  • Be prepared for all sorts of weather: an umbrella can be a right royal pain (especially if it is sunny). take a light raincoat with a hood
  • Plan ahead: you can buy your catalogue, it is a lovely way to get all the information. It’s like having a list of all your Christmas presents before you open them, a great way to get in the mood! And there is a handy map inside to plan your day.
  • Local knowledge: A little goes a long way. For instance, the loos in Western Avenue often have shorter queues. [That’s 2007 advice, I haven’t needed it since – maybe someone can update us on this!]
  • Water: Carry a couple of bottles to avoid shelling out for some overpriced bottled stuff of dubious provenance.
  • Plant Societies’ Stands: Don’t forget to visit them – you can get specialist advice and find some interesting rarities.
  • Credit card: Take one if you cannot resist being the first to buy new varieties. On second thoughts, leave it behind.
  • Get there early: Doors open at 8am, and it is soon crowded. (this is why our breaks include staying the night before in London, so you are as fresh as a daisy for the day ahead!)
  • Tact: Try to avoid saying out loud things like, “My six-year-old could have done better.” The person next to you is probably the designer. This is good advice for art galleries too!
  • Bun fight: If you are feeling strong, try the plant sale at the end of the show. It is signalled by a bell at 4pm and makes the Harrods sale look like a walk in the park. But check what you are buying is in good condition.
  • Cars: Don’t take the car – parking is very limited. If you do drive to London choose a hotel with parking – the closest are The Holiday Inn London-Kensington Forum and the The Comfort Inn Hotel Vauxhall.
  • Download Joy of Plants app to help learn about the plants you see – http://www.joyofplants.com/iphone.php

Chelsea Flower Show Packages

RHS Chelsea Flower Show London Theatre BreaksBook one of our two night breaks at the Tavistock Hotel with tickets for the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.

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