More Poetry

Here is a selection of poems from this week’s crop.

Remember, none of us are poets: we are just having a go!

The best bit I like is that we all have thought a bit about a title for our poems… that’s proper art!

Well done us!

What Next by Tiff Jordan

A theatre break is the best,
but the West End beats the rest
From curtain up to curtain down
I watch the play without a frown
and afterwards I like to text
about which play we will watch next

Bums on Seats by Rosemary Sheehan

Theatres are such a treat,
But bums on seat,
Are not giving another room,
To sit in comfort.
While watching the play unfold,
Without being squeezed out,
Into the aisle,
Still remembering to clap,
At the end.

Showbiz by Lexy Law

Drama, comedy, tears of joy
On at the theatre so it is
Dancing girls, principal boy
That’s what’s called showbiz!

And lastly, here is an untitled poem courtesy of Christine McDermott

Just for a short time I can live other dreams
When the curtains open who know what the scenes!
Dramas or musicals, happy or sad
I know what a wonderful time I have had!

More Soon!

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