London Theatre Breaks Top 10 July 2011

This week I thought I would look at July as a whole for our top theatre breaks in London and it was Very Interesting… well ok, Quite Interesting!

As well as being a bit of a theatre nut I like my maths, my statistics. So I like it when racing driver can win a grand prix without actually being the fastest at any one point. Sometimes looking at something too closely you don’t get the whole picture. So when a show, that is always “quite” popular, actually proves that it is the most popular show in London – I find that quite interesting!

Enter stage right Jersey Boys and Shrek.

Jersey Boys tops a theatre breaks list dominated by adaptations from films or books – it gained its pedigree across the pond.

It also tops a list dominated by shows with stars – although the performances from its stars are outstanding.

It also tops a list that otherwise has a strong family appeal – but this is a show you’d take your mum and dad to not your children!

Of course Shrek boasts all three of these attributes but as a newbie it has done very well to get to the top of the list so quickly.

So they are very different shows but they are both helped by the fact that they have some fantastic offers during the middle of the week. Sometimes I like to go out of a Saturday night and blow all my pay, but other times I am quite happy going out on a school night, picking up a bargain and saving my money by just having a curry on Saturday night.

Of course there are offers on many of the top ten shows: I reckon that, if you are canny, two of you could stay in London this autumn for 4 nights in a good hotel, see 10 top shows from best seats with breakfast and dinner thrown in for less than £1100 each – you might even be able to keep it under £1000 but I think something would have to give! But what a bargain! what a five days!

So, with that thought buzzing around your head here is July’s list of the most popular shows for a London Theatre Break:

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