The Creation of ‘Dobby’ and Hogwarts

Unveiling a special feature dedicated to everybody’s favourite elf, in 2017, visitors to the Making of Harry Potter at Warner Brother’s Studios are invited to discover the behind-the-scenes secrets about the creation of ‘Dobby’.

Filmmakers went through multiple processes and techniques to create the character from a tennis ball on a stick to a full sized, intricately detailed, physical model, both of which will be on display for the special feature.

As part of the Harry Potter Studio Tour packages, now available through Theatre Breaks, visitors will also be able to make Dobby copy their movements in a new interactive experience that demonstrates the motion capture technology used to bring CGI characters to life on screen.

The amazing props and models that are on display at Warner Brothers are well worth a look – including this room sized model of Hogwarts School.

The Creation of ‘Dobby’ and Hogwarts London Theatre Breaks

More information about our ticket and hotel packages, with details of how to book, can be found at The Harry Potter Studio Tour Packages page.

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