Choosing a Theatre Break by Birthsign

The Perfect Theatre Break for Your Sign of the Zodiac

Do check your horoscope? There is the perfect theatre break out there for everybody, but how do you find it? Check out our fun guide to the West End by Birth Sign.

Taurus – a man wants a femine woman who, like him, likes the fine things in life. You could suggest he books a theatre break because he likes taking control, but let’s face it his idea of being in control probably means making him think that he has told you to do it! Good Shows for Taurus men – Shrek, Chicago, Les Miserables , but make sure they are good seats.

An Aries man is energetic and leads an adventurous, fast paced life but one that is within his means. Often easily bored so make sure the show you chose is fast paced or short or only one act! What about 39 Steps or We Will Rock You or The Complete World of Sport (abridged), or Stomp?

The classic theatre break is probably not for an Aquarian male. Conformity to the Aquarian is suffocating. Aquarius men are often unorthodox, humanitarians who deeply want to make a mark on the world. They don’t like being hemmed in so probably a last minute booking is a good idea.
You could even book the hotel and leave the theatre ticket to when you are dopwn there – visit the famous half price ticket booth: TKTS in Leicester Square.  Or why not head up to Edinburgh or Manchester instead of London’s West End?

If a West End character was ever the definitive birthsign it is the Phantom of the OperaCapricorn man. So how do you entertain the Phantom of the Opera? Les Miserables, Shrek, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys will be perfect.

Cancer men are very nostalgic, even old fashioned. This way of looking at life applies to love too. They believe in marriage the way it used to be; lasting forever no matter what the challenges.
Cancer men are intuitive to the extreme and can usually sense your emotions and feelings instinctively. They have a heart of gold and once they love you be assured the love will be lasting.  Try Ghost – the Musical or We Will Rock You or what about one of the golden olies – Singin in the Rain? Top Hat? Chicago?

Gemini dread the norm, routine, and monotony they also dread overblown emotions so nothing too dramatic. Curious eager and quick to understand. Chicago? Stomp? 39 Steps? The Complete World of Sport (abridged) The obvious of course is Blood Brothers.

The Leo man is full of life, vivacity, and exuberance. This is the man who makes you smile, is full of wit and charm – so probably the best companion for a theatre break.  Obviously The Lion King is him down to a tee, or maybe take him to Mamma Mia or Jersey Boys or We Will Rock You.

Libra men strive for balance, perfection and fairness. They love the arts and due to the terrible time they have making up their mind what ever you chose will be perfect – just choose the best! Phantom of The Opera, Wicked, Billy Elliot or Singin’ in the Rain maybe even a trip to the Opera!

Just mention the fact that you would like to go to the theatre in London and the generous, loving Pisces man who will make sure your dreams come true will probably just organise it for you.

Sagittarius man is easy going, open, and free spirited. He despises anything pompous, stuffy or pretentious. Take him to see Mamma Mia, Singin in the Rain or Legally Blonde – no really he should love it!

Men in the Scorpio sign are ruled by intense emotion; there’s nothing subtle or silent about this type.

Although Scorpio men are known for their passion, unpredictability, and turbulence, they are also extremely loving, loyal, gentle, and kind to those they love. Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera will keep him happy.

The Virgo man needs a great value theatre break, a show he knows he will like at an hotel he has researched! So choose a long runner, check out the midweek discounts – even available on a Friday night. Look out for Thriller, Blood Brothers, Chicago, 39 Steps, Stomp and Woman in Black.

Whichever birthday the man in your life is celebrating this year, check out – a London Theatre Break is a great way to celebrate.

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