A folio of Theatrical Poetry

More great poetry from theatre fans across the country

I hope you enjoy this week’s offering as much as I did

The theatre would be so fun.
A night of entertainment for everyone.
Serious or funny I really don’t mind.
So if you could make win That would be very kind

By Susan Grey

If only the prices were more realistic
Then I would be able to visit every week

By Roger Bradshaw

good seat,bad seat, you never can tell
Lady with big hair,perfume as well
man with belly laugh
girls who chit chaff
great shows where you are so enthralled
that all you see is the cast giving their all.

By Tracy Kenny

My girlfriend is a perfect match
Our love for theatre is the glue
Her biggest star is Cumberbatch
Mine is Dunc from Blue!

By Stuart Pattison

I am theatre theatre is me

By Jessica Azrin

I went to the theatre today
To see a brand new play
By an author unknown
‘Bout a lost mobile phone
And it felt like it lasted all day!

By Jean Taylor

Oh how I love to queue
for a seat with a front row view!
And there is nothing as brill
as having the thrill
of winning a cheeky lottery too !

By Sarah Forrester

To the theatre you should go
It’s lovely to see a show
See musicals or pantomine
If you’re busy, make the time
London shows – they are the best
And go shopping in the West
Go one evening or matinee
This will really make your day

By Kim Willing

I love to go and see a show
dance in the aisles to rock and roll
see all the stars on stage glow
from men in black to guys and dolls.

By Susan Mapp

Here I stand broken hearted
Spent a fortune before the play even started
Next time I will walk
My wife and I will have a talk
As its cold I brought my cap
I think its now time for a nap!

By Howard Sleight

All the world’s a stage
No matter what your age
So live long and prosper
Our revels never ended

By Chris Leach

Life is a theatre so invite your audiences carefully.
Not everyone is holy enough and healthy enough
to have a FRONT ROW seat in our lives.
There are some people in your life
that need to be loved from a distance.

By Donna Peters

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