19/3/13 Not another X Factor type show!

Hi Theatre-goers

Don’t be alarmed – there isn’t going to be another X Factor Search For A Star Fame Factory Popstars tv show (just yet!), but British comedian Harry Hill couldn’t resist the urge to send up the X Factor and has, in fact, penned a new musical set to open in the West End next Spring (2014).

19/3/13 Not another X Factor type show! London Theatre Breaks

When first reading about X Factor – Time to Face the Musical my heart sunk a little as I thought it sounded a bit too close to the story-line (or lack of it) of Viva Forever! currently showing a t the Piccadilly theatre. The latter really didn’t do it for me in any shape or form, but other people must like it because it’s now extended it’s booking period until January 2014.

Anyway, back to Harry Hill’s new musical – at least this one will be given an original musical score and won’t be trying to fit a weak plot around Big Fun’s Greatest Hits (80s pop reference there).  So in a way I’m sort of looking forward to it…

Cast and actual theatre venue have yet to be announced, but what’s the likelihood of there being a tv talent show to find the star of the musical about a tv talent show?

Have a great Tuesday everyone


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