13/3/13 Once the Musical

Hi Theatre-goers

I had a bit of a shock yesterday whilst out walking my dog… someone in the group asked what show I was seeing next and I told them with great enthusiasm that it was Once the Musical. They all looked at me completely blankly.

“You know, ” I said. “The Oscar winning film from 2007.” Still nothing.

“It’s been a massive hit on Broadway, won loads of awards and now it’s opening at the Phoenix theatre – previewing this month?” I prompted.

Still blank looks. “What’s it about?” one friend asked.

13/3/13 Once the Musical London Theatre Breaks
Scene from the Broadway production of Once the Musical

“It’s set in Dublin,” I told them. “It’s about a part-time musician who unexpectedly meets a Czech girl when she brings her broken hover into his repair shop. Through their love of music they form an unlikely friendship – made harder by the fact that neither speaks the other’s language. The love that grows between them is shown by the slightest of passing touches and through their songs. It is a love that ultimately cannot be as she is married with a child and he is on the rebound from a previous love affair. Heart-breakingly sad.”

My friends now look impressed. “Ooh, tell us what it’s like,” they say in unison.

And I will. Next week.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.




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