Theatre Breaks by Rail

Theatre Breaks in London by Train

theatre breaks by rail

Theatre Breaks By Rail

You may not be old enough to remember that advertising slogan, or if you are you may not believe that it can.  But I have spent 28 years promoting the joys of going to the theatre by train, so theatre breaks by rail make complete and utter sense to me!

30 Years ago there was a travel club that would bring you down from York for less than £20 – I know, I wrote the tickets! And prompted by the news of the spectre of yet more parking charges in London I recently have been looking into exactly what it takes to get down to London now – and I was pleasantly surprised – not only by the speed but also by the cost.

Personally I have always enjoyed train travel and starting a theatre break by rail has always seemed a sensible idea.  Yes you can drive down, but London is becoming less and less car friendly, although since the congestion charge was introduced, traffic levels have er… levelled off!

But not many hotels have their own car parking and those that do, charge NCP rates.

To come down to London by rail, unlike flying down, delivers you right into the heart of London and, unlike coach travel, is quick  – despite the jokes! In fact, no matter where you are coming from you could be sitting in your theatre seat within 30 minutes of your arrival in London!

Of course I would recommend checking into your hotel first, having a shower and getting spruced up and only then heading out to a restaurant for a spot of pre-theatre dinner, before arriving at the theatre in time to order interval drinks, peruse the programme and crack open the maltesers! But the point still stands.

So just how long, and more importantly, how much?

Theatre Breaks By Rail – times

I’ve picked a few milestones for you.

  • Edinburgh 4h:25m
  • Leeds 2:10m
  • Newcastle 2h:55m
  • Peterborough 45m
  • York 1h:55m
  • Liverpool 2h:28m
  • Birmingham 1h:25
  • Nottingham 1h:50m
  • Bristol 1h:40m
  • Cardiff 2h:07m
  • Exeter 2h:15m
  • Brighton 51m
  • Carlisle 3h:23m

As you can see, from most places in Britain you can leave your town of choice and be down in London by lunch time and, as most hotels will not have your rooms ready until 2pm, that is more than enough time.

Theatre Breaks By Rail – prices

So for the prices.  The prices are the rail supplements available for Theatre Breaks customers as sold through and that are available as of today (14 December). There are a whole slew of other prices but these tend to be as good as it gets (see note on Peterborough below). As most theatre breaks take place at the weekend, these are the prices I have chosen – a Saturday in January to be precise – but there are great savings to be had in the middle of the week too! All prices are for return tickets.

Again apologies if you are travelling from different places or on different days – the booking system will help you out wherever you are travelling from.

Theatre Breaks by Rail

  • Edinburgh £48pp
  • Leeds £38pp
  • Newcastle £48
  • Peterborough £32
  • York £39
  • Liverpool £42
  • Birmingham £34
  • Nottingham £42
  • Bristol £33
  • Cardiff £43
  • Exeter £43
  • Brighton £27
  • Carlisle £72

Now have you noticed something? It only costs £16 more to travel from Newcastle as it does from Peterborough. And pay £7 more than the Peterborough fare and you will get to London from York. BUT for only an extra £17 per person you can travel from Peterborough to London and back in first class! OOOH!

So, like many things in life, rail travel doesn’t seem quite fair (sorry!), but for most of us it is – and even the poor souls of Peterborough, if they feel hard done by can shop around a bit. If they book early enough and don’t mind nailing their colours to one particular train they can save tenner by going to But for most of us, buying our rail travel as part of the package is the best way to do it.

And if you are confused you can always give us a call and we will talk you through it.  Unfortunately we can’t say the same if you’ve decided to drive down and are stuck in traffic around Trafalgar Square – then you are on your own.

Final Theatre Breaks Tip

When you book your theatre break with us, and you have chosen your seats and your hotel and your rail tickets (and even if you driving down) you get the chance of adding an Oyster Card to your package: READ THIS FIRST!

Unless you are staying for three days or more it is very unlikely you will use the £15 of credit on the Oyster Cards sold online.

An Oyster card, gives you discounts on underground, bus and Light Dockland Railways – even some of the ferries on the Thames take it! The Visitors Oystercard even gives you discounts in shops and restaurants around town.


Now you can get the travel discounts with your bank card if it has one of those Touch logos on it. The payment goes straight to your bank account.

So have a look at the restaurants and shops you get discounts on with a Visitor Card, because if you can’t see yourself using them, then you may as well travel with your debit/credit card.

If you don’t have a Touch card and you just want the travel, just buy an Oystercard once you get to London and pay by cash if you can. This will allow you to get a refund of the deposit, that they charge you to buy the card at the ticket office, rather than having to go through the phaff of posting it off to them.

Happy Travelling!