Discounts for Family Breaks to London

Theatre Breaks prices for Families

Unlike many booking systems, prices for family theatre breaks can actually get cheaper the further into the booking you get here at Theatre Breaks

Like this example for a 4 star Theatre Break for a family of four to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

family theatre breaks prices

Save as much as 70%

Don’t assume that all four of you will have to pay the adult price just because that is the only one listed!

Any discounts for the children do not get taken off until the last page, after you have selected your room and pressed “Select and Continue”

family theatre breaks child discounts

Prices before this only cover the cost for any adults in the group. For children, especially when sharing a room there are a range of discounts which can quite often save you as much as 70% of the adult price.

REMEMBER It is important, when booking a theatre break for the whole family that you continue through to the Review and Add page (where you can also add travel and entry to many of London’s famous family-friendly attractions)

Have fun!