Everybody is Talking About Jamie

Everyone is Talking about Jamie is a fearless, funny, fabulous brand new musical sensation that featured in our London 2020 Theatre Break programme, with catchy new songs by lead singer-songwriter of The Feeling, Dan Gillespie Sells and writer Tom MacRae. Go to the bottom of the page to hear for yourself!
Everybody's Talking about Jamie
Jamie New is sixteen and lives on a council estate in Sheffield.
Jamie doesn’t quite fit in.
Jamie is terrified about the future.
Jamie is going to be a sensation.
Supported by his brilliant loving mum and surrounded by his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness, into the spotlight.
Sixteen: the edge of possibility.  Time to make your dreams come true.
Theatre Breaks for Jamie are no longer available

The producers of Jamie have uploaded 3 songs to Sound Cloud – we really would suggest a listen!