London Theatre Breaks Top Ten – Week Ending 22 July 2011

Top Ten London Theatre Breaks

Top Ten London Theatre Breaks

I’m getting good at this. Summer holidays are here and sure enough, as predicted last week, the family shows storm the top ten. Les Miserablesis still at the top but surely its days are numbered as performances are starting to post sold out notices: we can’t sell tickets if they’ve already been sold! The biggest climber this week (ending 22/07/2011) is The Wizard of Oz in at number 2 with Billy Elliot holding onto the last podium spot. New entry is the ultimate family show, Disney’s The Lion King. As a great piece of theatre you don’t need kids to go and see it but to see their little eyes light up is worth the ticket alone! Don’t bring them too young – it is still “proper” theatre. Holding its own is new family show Shrek the Musical and life on a Greek Isle courtesy of Mamma Mia! is at number 6… a great show if you have older kids – especially older girls! Abba-solutely wonderful – and cheaper than a holiday in Greece this summer – although apparantly we’ve just bought most of Greece now! Down one at 7 is Wicked completing the great range of family entertainment in London theatre at the moment. Ghost The Musical is surfing on a wave of popularity following some good reviews and lastly is new entry Chicago. Are people getting nervous about the lack of a new theatre being announced? We have requests for Chicago lined up all the way to February next year but without a theatre some people are now looking to go sooner – just in case it actually closes!

London Theatre Breaks Top Ten

22 July 2011

  1. Les Miserables
  2. The Wizard of Oz
  3. Billy Elliot
  4. The Lion King
  5. Shrek the Musical
  6. Mamma Mia!
  7. Wicked
  8. Jersey Boys
  9. Ghost The Musical
  10. Chicago

No plays in the top 10 this week – Warhorse came closest at 11th. Interestingly Legally Blonde would have been a new entry at number six until it was pointed out to me that half the bookings were for Legally Blonde in Edinburgh and I did say last week that this was only a London Theatre Breaks top ten!

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